In Service to Children

Welcome to our special place for special kids. We are so excited to work with the kids and help them keep on track learning throughout the summer, teaching them to move forward with pride and confidence, showing them new skills and helping them greet another academic year with curiosity and pride in their achievements.

Facing educational barriers is difficult for a child of any age. Peer pressure is enormous and those with educational barriers yearn to be just like other kids. They can be just like other kids, with help from Camp Tamarack. Roughly five to ten percent of Canadians have a learning disability they have learned to handle by acquiring coping skills that allow them to compensate.

Camp Tamarack helps special kids develop their own unique coping skills to allow them to grow into their latent potential. Each child that comes to Camp Tamarack has their own individual learning disability, making each one’s response and ability to compensate unlike another child’s. We know this and work to bring their best abilities to the forefront. Everyone of our special kids has an innate coping skill that we help them develop while at camp; a skill they can continue to work on when they return home and head back to school. Our training gives them the tools to move forward with their lives with confidence.

Those with learning disabilities may demonstrate some of the following signs, but this is not a hard and fast rule:

  • is quiet in school, not asking questions, but does not seem to learn;
  • is generally disorganized;
  • has difficulty following directions;
  • is impulsive, with a short attention span;
  • forgets or misunderstands spoken instructions;
  • demonstrates uncontrollable behavior and acts in a fearless manner;
  • demonstrates poor motor and/or gross skills;
  • is not able to read body language or respond well to social skills;
  • may be delayed in walking, talking, toilet training, etc.; and
  • may have an explosive nature when they feel they are in a difficult situation.