Camp Tamarack

At Camp Tamarack, we excel at helping children and teens with educational barriers, that are recommended to Camp Tamarack by parents and teachers. Here, they find a safe, caring environment that offers social and emotional support. We strive to design programs to tweak their interest, keep them engaged and learn more, not just scholastically, but about themselves, as they learn to cope with new situations and come to realize they have the ability to become self-reliant and be the best they can be.

We teach them about independence, offering them opportunities to succeed at tasks in new surroundings and help boost their self-esteem. We focus them on their bright future, just waiting around the corner, that they can turn with a bit of help. We empower them with the knowledge and skill sets they can use for life.

Teaching these unique kids that need help is exciting and rewarding not only for us, but the kids and their families. After spending time with us, they know how to face learning challenges in life. It’s all about teaching the skills of sharing, independence and self reliance, in balance with scholastic. Our true spirits shine through in all the things they do.

Five days of each week, they receive three hours of land based learning from qualified educators, in reading, writing, math, science and computer skills. In addition, they participate in other camping activities, such as swimming and canoeing, arts and crafts, a program that assists them in developing motor skills and the ability to handle themselves with confidence.