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Camp Tamarack 2019 Summer Update

WHEN: We will be running 8 one-week-long camps beginning June 30th, with the option of picking one week or a combination of weeks.

COST: $600 per week.

HOW TO REGISTER: Online applications will be available soon.

We are excited to announce that Camp Tamarack will offer a land-based educational program for 2019 that combines the strengths of Indigenous knowledge and ways of knowing with the strengths of Western knowledge and ways of learning. Children will have the chance to establish a positive relationship with the land through nature-based activities. Experiencing nature in authentic ways facilitates gaining a value and an appreciation of what our Earth has to offer.

The 2019 camp season will have a theme-based educational program with four themes that will run for one-week rotations:

Water Theme:

Diversity of living things in and around the water
Float/sink (experiments, predictions, outcomes)
Water cycle

Senses Theme:

Learn about our senses through engaging activities that focus on the sights, tastes, sounds and smells of nature.

Plants Theme:

Tree diversity and identification
Plant diversity and identification
Life cycles

Animals Theme:

Bird watching (identification, flight)
Life cycles
Habitats, diet

All themes will incorporate Indigenous worldviews using the Medicine Wheel, Tipi Teachings and Elders.

Each theme will have a diverse variety of activities and will build upon the children’s prior knowledge. The activities will aim to create meaningful connections with the land through hands-on learning and engagement of Indigenous ways of knowing.

Land-based learning has many benefits; spending time in nature helps with recall and memory, problem-solving skills and creativity. Time in nature has also been shown to enhance academic achievement, improve behaviours and promote positive communication and cooperation skills. Through a land-based program, the children learn respect for Mother Earth, gain a mutual respect for different cultures and come to respect the beliefs of others as a way of building positive relationships. The program also aims to actively engage children in their learning journey and inspire their curiosity of the world around them.

Camp Tamarack strives to provide a camp experience that is an equitable opportunity for all children to grow, learn and flourish.