Camp Tamarack

Our pilot project we ran in 2021, Focus on the Family – Awaken Our Spirit was such a great success we will be running it again. With increased requests from families wanting to participate in the program we have expanded the time frame and are working at increasing the numbers of families we can accommodate. Awaken our Spirit is designed to provide support for children, youth and families experiencing many forms of grieving, loss, mental health issues, dysfunction and to provide mental health support during this current pandemic. Further details of this unique program can be viewed at

We wish everyone a safe summer.

Tamarack Foundation Sponsors for 2022

I Love First Peoples
NIB Trust Fund
Canada Summer Jobs 2022
CIBC Wood Gundy Miracle Day

Providing the high level of programing for our youth is costly. We thank the above sponsors for their support. We are still in need of support to deliver this unique program. Please consider making a donation to change the life of a child in need.

Care ~ Connect ~ Empower


To provide a wilderness land-based learning summer program for children and teens facing educational barriers in a safe therapeutic environment.


  • To prevent academic regression over the summer.
  • To develop social and recreational skills so the students will be better able to integrate into activities in their home communities and schools.
  • To provide the students with responsible and successful experiences to raise their levels of self-esteem.
  • To develop skills leading to more independence as a student.

Our Name

Once upon a time there was a tree in a forest. But, what does a tree have to do with kids? This tree, the Tamarack, is special, just like the children we help through the Camp Tamarack program. We care for, connect with and empower our special kids to grow into the very best person they can be. 

The Tamarack tree, unlike most trees with needle like leaves, loses its foliage in the fall and through the winter stands apart from the rest of the trees because of its apparent lifelessness. Given the right environment, however, it will blossom forth to become one of the most majestic trees in the forest.

Like the Tamarack tree in winter, children with educational barriers also stand apart, marked by the differences between them and other children. Camp Tamarack exists to change that by providing a nourishing environment with successful experiences in academics, sports and self-esteem to help them grow.

“A Summer of Learning – A Summer to Remember”