About Us

At Camp Tamarack, we excel at helping children and teens with learning disabilities, that are recommended by parents and teachers. We strive to design programs to tweak their interest, keep them engaged and learn more, not just scholastically, but about themselves, as they learn to cope with new situations and come to realize they have the ability to become self reliant and be the best they can be.

We teach them about independence, offering them opportunities to succeed at tasks in new surroundings and help boost their self-esteem. We focus them on their bright future, just waiting around the corner ---- a corner they can turn with a bit of help. We empower them with the knowledge and skill sets they can use for life.

Camp Tamarack

  • History


    Camp Tamarack is supported by the Tamarack Foundation, which is a duly registered Canadian charity, in existence since 1977...

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  • Mission


    We strive for excellence in assisting students continue their education throughout the summer months, giving them a competitive edge and more independence when they are back in school.

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  • The Camp

    The Camp

    We teach Kids to cope with learning disabilities and guide them on their way to a better world where they can continue to grow with confidence. The Kids here are uniquely gifted with intelligence and an ability to learn. They just need a bit of help to achieve their potential.

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  • In Service to Children

    In Service to Children

    We are so excited to work with our special Kids and help them keep on track learning throughout the summer, showing them new skills to moveĀ 
    through another academic year with pride in their achievements.

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