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Tamarack Foundation - Once upon a time there was a tree in a forest. But, what does a tree have to do with Kids? This tree, the Tamarack, is special, just like the Children we help through the Camp Tamarack program. We care for, connect with and empower our special Kids to grow into the very best person they can be. 

Camp Tamarack


  • Camp Tamarack

    Camp Tamarack

    We teach Kids to cope with learning disabilities and guide them on their way to a better world where they can continue to grow with confidence. The Kids here are uniquely gifted with intelligence and an ability to learn. They just need a bit of help to achieve their potential.

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  • Make a Donation

    Make a Donation

    We know what caring, connecting and empowerment means to our campers and their families. Be part of the Empowerment now!

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  • In Service to Children

    In Service To Children

    We are so excited to work with our special Kids and help them keep on track learning throughout the summer, showing them new skills to move 
    through another academic year with pride in their achievements.

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Nathan came home with more confidence in himself, pride in what he accomplished, and unbounded enthusiasm for his experiences at Camp Tamarack. Some of the things he told us about, things we never thought he would do, have made him into a new, more confident child. You helped to bring out the enthusiastic child he once was. Thank you!

Crystal – Nathan's mom

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